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Digital Smile Design
A Guide to the Perfect Smile

Patient before and after image using digital smile design

Digital Smile Design

  • Digital Smile Design

    Personalized designs with patient specific 2D-Image Overlays

    Import 2D images of the patient’s lips, teeth and smile to design restorations that exactly suit the patient’s personal look.  Apply 3rd party image manipulation tools to mask away the teeth, and align lips and new teeth designs together as your perfectly personalized design guide.

    High aesthetics with generic 2D – design templates

    Dental System supports 2D–image libraries that help you achieve astounding aesthetics, even without pictures of the actual patient’s smile. Select from a variety of smile-guides and design templates or add your own to recreate complete smile compositions to apply with your restoration design.

    Before and after visualization

    By continuously interchanging between situation views through gradual fading in-and-out, technicians, dentist and patients are easily able to detect even the smallest alterations and smile details for optimal comparisons.

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