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DentCare Clear Aligner
A series of transparent aligners to realign teeth

Clear Aligner at DentCare Dental Lab

DentCare Clear Aligner

  • DentCare Clear Aligner

    Discover the Difference for Yourself, now enjoy the dazzling smile with DentCare Aligners which are a series of state-of-the-art transparent aligners to realign your teeth and give you a significant boost to your confidence. Please visit our website www.dentcareclearaligners.com for more details

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    DentCare has asserted its stand by setting new international standards for the Indian dental industry. The principal and lone object of DentCare has been to provide supreme quality prostheses to its clinician clients for the onward delight of their patients.


    Wires and brackets are history


    Wires and brackets have almost become history. Dental braces are now entering a brave new world of comfort and ease with DentCare Aligners, a series of state-of-the-art transparent aligners to realign teeth. DentCare Aligners make the cut for their invisible, removable splints borne out of thin, transparent plastic. They need to be changed every 2 weeks, sparing you from the difficult task of heavy maintenance.


    Each aligner is unique as it is customized for your teeth. Remove them while eating or drinking. They allow you to have your own regimen of fresh breath and oral hygiene. DentCare Clear Aligners even allows you to see virtually the end result and formulate a treatment plan accordingly.

    Now doctors can do more in less time, helping users spend lesser hours at clinics fiddling with conventional bracket and wire adjustments. The product also comes with clear-cut instructions for practitioners.

    Enter a comfort zone of DentCare Clear Aligner which is designed exclusively for your teeth.

  • Benefits

    • No metal brackets or wires which may cause irritation or friction inside the mouth

    • virtually invisible treatment

    • Lesser treatment time than the normal braces

    • Blends with lips and cheeks

    • The final result can be visualized in 3D before treatment starts

    • Highly biocompatible

    • Hassle-free speech and smile

    • Hygienic as it can be taken off easily to clean

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DentCare is an Indian company with international standards.

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