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DentCare Clear Aligners
Comfort and care. Fix it, simple and in style

DentCare Clear Aligners

  • DentCare Clear Aligners

    Wires and brackets are history. Well, almost. Dental braces are now entering a brave new world of comfort and ease with DentCare Aligners, a series of state-of-the-art transparent aligners to realign teeth.

    DentCare Aligners make the cut for their invisible, removable splints born out of thin, transparent plastic. They can be changed every week, sparing you the onerous duty of heavy-duty maintenance.

    Comfort ensured. Quality guaranteed.

    Each aligner is unique as it is customised for your teeth. Remove them while eating or drinking. They are mind-blowingly flexible. And allow you to have your own regimen of fresh breath and oral hygiene.

    Now you don't need to spend long hours at the clinic negotiating conventional bracket and wire adjustments. That saves your precious hours, and that of the dentist, helping him optimise care.

    DentCare Aligners (Clear) even allows you to see virtually how it will look and formulate treatment plan. Enter into a comfort zone, designed exclusively for your teeth.

    Each aligner is mind-blowingly flexible. Now doctors can do more with less, helping users spend lesser hours at clinics fiddling with conventional bracket and wire adjustments. The product comes with lucid instructions for practitioners.

    Enter a comfort zone, designed exclusively for your teeth.

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  • Terms and Conditions

    • DentCare shall not be liable for: (i) any defects that may occur due to  neglect, misuse, or mistreatment of this product by the doctor, patient, or any third party.
    • There are chances for aligner breakage due to severe crowding and proclination of teeth. DentCare is not responsible for the damage of the aligners once dispatched; we will provide only refinements. All repeat works are chargeable.
    • Only the doctor examines the patient directly and hence, DentCare is not responsible for the clinical and oral conditions of the patient.
    • Payment through at par cheque / DD should be made against delivery.
    • If the aligner is not worn as per the schedule provided or the prescription of the doctor, the desired treatment results will not be achieved. 
    • We need 14 working days to complete a work, excluding second Saturdays, Sundays and other Holidays.
    • Prices are inclusive of GST.
    • Prices are subject to change without prior information.
    • All legal disputes shall be within Muvattupuzha jurisdiction.


    Urgent orders will be charged 10% extra. The fabrication time depends on prosthesis type and number of units. (For more details please refer time schedule)


    • We always prefer perfect rubber base impression. Don’t pour die stone type IV immediately to the rubber base impression. Pour only after 1 hour.
    • Don't allow the alginate impression to get dry. Pour Die Stone type IV immediately. If the model thus prepared is found defective (air bubble, broken teeth etc.), discard it and take a new impression rather than trying to make a second model from the old alginate impression. We need both the upper and lower full arch Die Stone type IV models to check the occlusion correctly.
    • Provide bite registration, if necessary.
    • Patient’s intraoral and extraoral photographs, OPG with Lateral Cephalograph are mandatory.
    • We prefer using IPR kit and gauge, for doing Proximal stripping procedure.
    • Proximal stripping should be done, straight from the cervical to the incisal /occlusal part of the tooth.
    • The adaptation of the final aligners will depend only on the perfect adaptation of the zero stage aligner.

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