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Poly Ether Ether Ketone

  • PEEK

    Poly Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a high-performance polymer which has proven to be successful in many areas of medicine. PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical- and chemical-resistance properties that are retained even at very high temperatures.

    Because of its toughness, this material is gaining an ever increasing number of patrons and users in the field of prosthetic dentistry. Be it a permanent, removable or a screw-retained prosthesis that is required, PEEK is an innovative, premium prosthetic solution in the field of dentistry. PEEK offers a practical alternative to the use of metal in not just traditional dentures, but also in crowns and bridges.

    PEEK, which is known to have very good mechanical properties, high temperature stability and outstanding chemical-resistance, is bio-inert, tissue-compatible, non-cytotoxic, electrically non-conductive and thermally insulating. These properties of PEEK prevent any intra-oral reaction to saliva making it an ideal material for use within the oral cavity.

  • Benefits

    • Can be digitally designed and milled to match patient's anatomy
    • It is strong and lightweight for improved patient comfort
    • Metal free and hence may be used even by patients with allergy to metals
    • Neutral taste (no metal taste)
    • No thermal or electrical conductivity
    • No irritation, redness or burning sensation for the user
    • No residual solvent
    • Tough and durable with a melting temperature of 340°C
    • Resistant against deposits and staining
    • Soft tissue stays healthy
    • Inconspicuous colour of the framework
    • No abrasion of the antagonist
    • Pure material- No additives are used, no colouring
    • Proven purity in global implanted devices
    • No foreign body sensation
    • High comfort of wear due to low weight and immediate absorption of body heat
    • Shock absorbing behaviour improves patient comfort
    • Very low solubility and water absorbency, enabling wearing of removable dentures for a longer time without any problems.

  • Indications

    • Precision attachment cases (the PEEK frame acts as the matrix itself while the patrix is incorporated at the distal ending of the fixed crowns and bridges.)
    • Full and Partial Removable Dentures and Over Dentures.
    • Implant Dentures and Implant Telescopic Bars.
    • Anterior and posterior crowns and bridges
    • Screw retained suprastructures supported by implants
    • Telescope works (Overdenture)

  • Terms and Conditions

    • Warranty regarding extension, retention, occlusion, contact etc. is only on the basis of the given model.
    • All repetitions and corrections should be informed within 7 days and will be accepted only with fresh models along with initially supplied model, work and warranty card.
    • To claim warranty for DentCare prostheses, the patient should consult the same doctor or clinic, not the Lab directly Repetitions will be charged at 50% of the actual rate of the work and additional tax, if any. Patient cannot claim warranty for any sort of prostheses upgradation.
    • Products described without warranty in the price list will not have any warranty.
    • By delivering DentCare prostheses to the patient the dentist approves and takes responsibility that all clinical requirements are fulfilled.
    • Payment through at par cheque / DD should be made against delivery.
    • Ensure giving temporary crown / bridge, after tooth preparation. We won't be responsible for problems in insertion, if temporary crown or bridge is not given.
    • An order placed, cannot be withdrawn.
    • We need 7 working days to complete a work excluding Second Saturdays, Sundays and other Holidays.
    • Prices are inclusive of GST.
    • Prices are subject to change without prior information.
    • All legal disputes shall be within Muvattupuzha jurisdiction.


    Urgent orders will be charged 10% extra. The fabrication time depends on prosthesis type and number of units. (For more details please refer time schedule)


    • The proximal margins of the abutments should be parallel or slightly tapering towards occlusal surface. Eliminate undercuts to the maximum. Round all corners.
    • "We always prefer perfect rubber base impression". Don’t pour die stone type IV immediately to the rubber base impression. Pour only after 1 hour.
    • Don't allow the alginate impression to get dried. Pour Die Stone type IV immediately. If the model thus prepared is found defective (air bubble, broken stump etc.), discard it, and take a new impression rather than trying to produce a second model from the old alginate impression. We need upper and lower full arch Die Stone type IV models to check the occlusion correctly.
    • Provide bite registration in Silicone putty (not in wax), if necessary.
    • The shade will be perfect only if the labial and occlusal clearance is 2mm and the shade should be taken in natural light.
    • VITA classical or VITA 3D master or Ivoclar A-D shade number should be given for ceramic shade selection.
    • Avoid grinding the metal prosthesis at the time of metal trial.
    • This may lead to contamination of metal and ceramic chip- off. Always provide pre-operative model for anterior cases, if the patient is satisfied with the temporary crown/ bridge, kindly provide a model of that, which will help us in imitating the shape and arrangement.
    • Pre-operative model will also be useful in some cases.

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